Ormus has been used for thousands of years to awaken the divine self within, enhance beauty, and attract/manifest more positive things and abundance. There are documented occurrences of Ormus collection and use dating back thousands of years, within the spiritually elite and high profile societies of the world, such as the Ancient Egyptians and Essene. Ormus can be used in all sorts of ways, from taking it straight under the tongue, adding it to food and drink, or rubbing and spraying it on your skin and hair. To this day, Ormus C60 remains to be the highest Quality and leading Ormus in the world.


    ORMUS C60 is the combination of natural Ormus and Carbon 60, elements that have incredible, some would even say magical, health benefits. Ormus C60 is naturally extraction and washed in a sacred laboratory by actual alchemists, in precious small batches. Each batch is charged with crystals and harmonized with solfeggio frequency to bring you the absolute best Ormus in the world.


    The term “Gold Standard” is a synchronicity, not a coincidence. Many of the mechanism for Golds phenomenal benefits are unclear to modern science, but gold has been used by nearly all major civilizations of the world to induce and promote beauty, youth regeneration, and a healthy glowing complexion. Gold, as a mineral is easily absorbed and utilized by the body, is completely non toxic, and has no known negative drug interactions with medications. The ancient romans used gold to cure skin problems, and medieval Europe used it to treat soreness and body aches.

    • Human Growth Hormone

      By synchronizing the left and right hemispheres of the brain, colloidal gold enhances neural activity, stimulates glandular activity, and increases the production of human growth hormone (HGH). With an increased level of HGH, your body will have more stamina, energy, and you can enjoy a more restful sleep. By stimulating the production of melanin, your skin will achieve a more natural color, your fingernails and toenails will become healthier, and your grey hair will assume a more natural color. HGH will increase your body's ability to heal naturally and can relieve chronic pain.

    • Meditation Enhancement

      Ormus studies show that it may help to balance the left and right hemispheres of the brain, which increases the occurrence of alpha and theta brain waves and helps to put people into what is commonly referred to as “The Zone”. For this reason, Ormus is a great supplement to assist you in your meditation practice, or for anything else that requires focus and attention. It has also been shown to help people with ADD and ADHD remain calm and focused, and this is most likely the cause of such magical benefits.

    • Period Discomfort Relief

      Ormus has a magical ability to help reduce period cramping and muscle cramps. In this way it is incredible for athletes and those who like to stay active without letting the pain from cramps hold them back. For cramps use one full dropper three times per day, or as recommended by our doctor.

    • Manifesting

      Gold, in its Ormus form, exists in a high spin state where it acts as a gateway between the 3rd and the 5th dimensions. As a 4th dimensional substance, it enhances the ability to channel forms from the spirit realm(the thought realm) into the tangible realm(the physical). Therefore, while using Ormus gold, or any form of a Ormus, one must exercise great responsibility at maintain loving, compassionate, reverent thought, and speaking only positive words. For it’s high spin state amplifies the rate at which what you put out, comes back to you. Therefore, it quickens the rate of karma. Synchronistic phenomenon is enhanced, and life becomes more lucid. One begins to see very clearly that the things they thing, say, and do have energetic repercussion, and the learning process increases greatly. So while using Ormus, one begins to realize how and when they attract what they give. Ormus consciousness is that there is no one to blame, there is only one. This oneness awareness allows people to attract more harmony in their environment, and connect with people more easily in a flow state. Beware of impostures and knock offs. Ormus do not like negative energy, or heavy EMF fields. One of the key components that make Now Alchemy so powerful, is that it is made in a sacred laboratory anchoring high frequencies with crystals, solfeggio frequency playing 24/7, and positive affirmations. Pop up Ormus brands will state claims like these, now that this is public information, so be mindful of the fact that most of them are falsely advertising and outsourcing their manufacturing to supplement companies that use the same facility to make low vibration and animal derived products.

    • Consciousness

      It is well established that naturally occurring nano sized gold particles suspended in solution have been used in Egyptian alchemy to access higher states of awareness, intuition, telepathy, God connection, and seeing into the future. as a way to increase mental cognition, expanded consciousness, physical healing, and life extension.

    • Longevity

      Gold is considered a noble metal in all forms of alchemy and is still being used today in modern alternative health settings to help alleviate nearly all common health issues such as arthritis, bursitis, rheumatism, and tendinitis. Blood sugar imbalances, and blood circulation.

    • Addiction

      Gold has been used to support the recover and even the reversal of substance addiction such as alcohol, tobacco, caffeine, nicotine, and excessive sugar cravings.

    • Focus

      Mood disorders, dementia, depression, anxiety, PTSD, ADD & ADHD are all targets for the healing benefits of Gold, as it has been commonly used for boosting brain function, sleep issues, and overall glandular/endocrine health to support the balance of hormone and neurotransmitter production and regulation.

    • Acne

      While Gold is healthy for your cells, it can damage the outer cell wall of bacteria and disrupt the supply of nutrients and energy to the cell, which in turn helps to destroy and remove harmful bacteria from the body. Gold has been used against parasites, viruses, fungal overgrowth, and other skin issues such as acne.

    • Confidence & Will Power

      Gold has a soothing and harmonizing effect on the body, mind, and spirit. It helps the body make energy, resulting in more will power, motivation, and creativity. Gold can also be very calming to the nervous system, which allows people to be more productive without become overwhelmed. It creates an enhanced awareness of things, and awareness is the key to all things. By helping to harmonize the left and right hemispheres of the brain, it can activate the Theta brain state, which is the state known as being “IN THE ZONE”. The theta state is also where miraculous healings take place. While in the theta state people have an increased feeling of oneness and God consciousness, which is being one with your environment, and feeling in flow with the universe around you. In this way, it can help people reach greater states of success in life, relationships and career.

    • Raise Your Vibration

      Gold is mood enhancing. It has superconductive properties, and in that way can raise your vibration. This raise in vibration is quite literally an ascension. The higher your vibration goes, the more beautiful the view of life becomes. By raising your vibration, you are able to have a more positive perspective. This improves the quality of your life, and allows you to have a more positive perspective towards those around you. This positivity becomes a feedback loop, because as you think more positively, you begin to attract more positive people and thins into your life, which catalyzes your positive thinking even more. The Fibonacci sequence.

    • Libido

      As gold can help to balance and regulate the hormonal and neurotransmitter production systems and glands, it is a powerful tool for those with libido issues, and can even greatly effect the libido of ordinarily healthy individuals.

    • Deeper Sleep

      Gold is utilized by the pineal gland, which produces melatonin and serotonin. The sleep chemical and the feel good chemical. Gold does not make people sleepy, but it will allow people to get more deep and restful sleep. Since DMT is produced in the pineal gland, Gold also helps people achieve colorful more lucid dreams, and higher states of peace. The use of gold can also help to restore balance in cases of chills, hot flashes, and night sweats, the body’s temperature stabilizing mechanism is restored to balance.

    • Improved Cognitive Function

      As a natural stimulant for the cells of the body, gold improves the transmission of electrical signals between the nerve cells in the brain and increases mental alertness. This increased cellular communication causes as remarkable boost in concentration.

    • Skin Care

      Gold also regenerates cellular tissues and restores their healthy elastic properties. For this reason it has been used topically to treat various skin problems such as eczema, fungal infections, skin rash, wounds, skin burns and the list goes on. Gold’s anti-aging characteristics have been known for centuries.

    • Supports in Healing Cancer

      Hundreds, and possibly thousands of researchers around the world are studying Golds ability to heal cancers. Gold is being used in alternative medicine to treat prostate cancer, ovarian cancer, and other types of cancer by injecting micro and calculated amounts of gold into the patient’s body in order to control growth of cancerous cells.

    • Oral Health

      It has been vastly reported that the use of Ormus helps to heal gums, and damaged teeth. Our founder has noted, personally, that he could not eat glucose rich dried fruit or drink cold water for years because these things caused such sensitivity in his teeth, and after putting Ormus C-60 on his teeth and gums for just a couple days that sensitivity went away for good. Archeological findings have discovered that the mineral gold has been likely used for 4,500 - 5,000 years by the ancient Egyptians for purposes of dentistry.

    • Youth Regeneration

      A study done on rats showed that the use of Carbon C-60 increased life span by 90% while being non-toxic. This was termed the Paris and Baati study. They found this Carbon to protect the cellular membranes. Rats given C-60 lived exceptionally longer and healthier lives in a toxic environment.

    • Beyond Anti-Oxidant

      Studies have shown C-60’s anti-oxidant properties to be several hundred times stronger than actual anti-oxidants. Oxidants are the energetics which destroy the cells, and C-60 is like a vacuum cleaner in the body for oxidants, totally getting rid of them within about 100 hours as the C-60 then leaves the body, along with the oxidants it has gathered. What separates C-60 from anti-oxidants is that one anti-oxidant can typically only remove one oxidant, but one C-60 can remove dozens of oxidants. C-60s ability to cross the blood rain barrier, mitochondria and DNA allow it to engage with distractive energetics throughout one’s entire system, placing C-60 in a world of healing beings similar to Ormus. This gives the C-60 a magical ability to heal. When energy is produced within the mitochondria, the cells have a mechanism for removing waste into the body to be excreted from the system. This process is taxing on the body, and not all of the waste is excreted properly, but C-60 actually gathers those waste bi-products and removes them from the body, making it way beyond an anti-oxidant.

    • Preventing Alzheimer’s Disease

      As a free-radical scavenger, C-60 indirectly helps to heal arthritis, Alzheimer’s, and assists in the health of ligaments and joints. C-60 was also shown to destroy amyloid-beta plaques, which in some cases reverse Alzheimer’s disease completely. No matter what the dis-ease, there is always a way to put the body back into ease, naturally.

    • Bone & Cartilage Help

      When rabbits with knee arthritis were given C-60, their cartilage production increased, the production of enzymes that would destroy cartilage decreased, and cellular death was prevented. C-60 was shown to be even more beneficial that hyaluronic acid in healing osteoporosis and osteoarthritis.

    • Respiratory Health

      It’s incredible beyond anti-oxidant like qualities allow C-60 to naturally reduce levels of histamines, IgEs, and other inflammatory energetics associated with allergies.

    • Immune Booster

      C-60 helps the body produce the fighter C cells, which are the white lymphocyte cells, and cytokines, that fight diseases.

    • Eradicates HIV and Harmful Bacteria

      In a study titled “Fullerenes as unique nano pharmaceuticals for disease treatment”, C-60 was shown to heal HIV and prevent the onset of AIDS. Furthermore, additional tests showed water soluble C-60 preventing the spread of human hepatitis C, as well as dozens of other viruses, diseases, and the spread of harmful bacteria.

    • Libido Booster

      Studies show the use of C-60 to increase levels of the antioxidant glutathione, testosterone, vitamin E, sperm and sperm motility, which all aid in the functioning and regulation of libidinizing aspects.

    • Youth Regenerating

      Neurodegenerative disorders are typically the cause of cellular apoptosis, which is the process of cellular death. By protecting the nerve cells, C-60 is shown to prevent cellular apoptosis, and prevent the onset of Alzheimer’s, dementia, memory loss, and other neurodegenerative disorders.

    • Anti-Oxidant

      Studies show that C-60 can prolong the life of human neuron cells in the in-vitro presence of cellular excitotoxins, like aspartame, by at least 50-80%. This is huge for combating the constant tress inducing toxins in food, water and air in today’s modern industrial world.

    • Prevention of Obesity

      C-60 is shown to prevent the genesis of fat cells in cellular tissue cultures.

    • Hair Regrowth

      Studies have also shown that the use of C-60 promotes hair regrowth, in even extreme cases of hair loss. Most likely due to C-60’s ability to communicate on a DNA level and rebalance incorrections.

    • Radiantly Healthy Skin

      When applied topically, C-60 may reduce skin inflammation and promote the growth of healthier skin cells. When the skin has leaks in it’s barrier field, toxins are able to enter and reek havoc, causing dermatitis, stubborn acne, eczema, and many other skin diseases. C-60 strengthens the barrier of the skin to prevent those toxins from entering, making it healing to skin diseases. C-60 may help to correct the moisture content of the skin, as well as eradicating severe acne and pimples.

    • Beneficial in Treating Cancer

      C-60 has been shown to magically keep cancer cells from communicating with one another. Since that communication is necessary for cancer cells to grow, all natural, C-60 may be the primary choice in stopping the growth of tumors, and preventing the onset of cancer. Carbon is a magnificently beneficial energetic nutrient. Activated charcoal, also known as activated carbon, is a medication used to treat poisonings that occurred by mouth. It is a powerful detox for the body, pulling out positively charged particles such as parasites, heavy metals and toxins.

    WARNING: While naturally occurring C-60 is a super anti-oxidant, C-60 oils are lab created C-60s are shown to act as oxidants and cause extreme destruction to cellular membranes. Synthetic C-60 is shown to be extremely toxic and can result in serious illness. NA Ormus is a natural and save source of C-60. If any synthetic C-60 is exposed to light they become highly unstable and toxic. NA Ormus is safe even when exposed to light.


    In the natural oceans, rivers, and soil matrix there is a full spectrum of occurring minerals or geological metals that we call elements that are all present on the periodic table of the elements. Depending on what form they reside in depends on their qualitative affect on the human body. All minerals analyzed through what is known as a spectrometer or spectroscopic analysis thus what we find on the period table of elements is essential an inaccurate analysis of all the known minerals in nature simply for one fundamental reason. When you put minerals or any other living compound through a heating process to render it into an ash in order to analyze it’s base composition it will always turn out inaccurate because what is being analyzed in it’s ash/dead form will always be different than what is present in it’s living form. Minerals are living elements of that hold their own signature frequency which is the same frequency of the earth or of the ocean depending on where they are sourced from. When a mineral or cast of minerals goes through a high heat treatment process they are molecularly altered and upon analyzing these they often time will show up as entirely different compounds, for example carbon may come up when prior to that there were unknown minerals we call Ormus minerals present in that substance. Ormus minerals are completely unknown forms or energetic versions of other well known minerals that do not show up on the period table of elements because they are living elements and it is a reasonable assumption that they are heat volatile and require hydrogen to pair with otherwise they disappear or are destroyed in some way thus not appearing on conventional forms of mineral analysis. Another point to mention in regards to heavy metals or toxic metals is that metals such as arsenic, cadmium, and lead for example are present in all healthy soil and will show up in some levels in all plants because they are natural compounds that exist within the earths geological crust. These minerals among others are a cause of concern for many and it’s important to understand the distinction between organic minerals and inorganic minerals. Organic arsenic, cadmium, lead, cyanide, antimony, etc. Is not the same as inorganic or metallic versions of the same minerals. Plants themselves have a natural way to filter out high dosages of these organic minerals and thus we do not consume high enough amounts of these to cause metabolic disruptions, however we ar exposed to the inorganic form of these minerals due to the Industrial Age we live in and the mass amount of pollutants in our air we breath in every day. Plant based chemistry is extremely complex and we are distill discovering the critical distinctions necessary to understand it’s alchemical secrets. When it comes to minerals we must be aware of the form or version of that element to discern it’s benefit or drawback, whether it is a medicine or a poison, whether it is a naturally occurring mineral or a heavy inorganic metal.

    • Antimony

      Antimony is a silvery white naturally occurring earth element. It generally shows up in river waters and soil beds. Small amounts of antimony are shown to have health benefits, and are the primary component of medications used to treat leishmaniasis, which is a protozoic parasite infection.

    • Barium

      Barium is a naturally occurring element that is hardly traceable in Ormus C-60, but its presence is strong enough to have a positive impact on Killing parasites. Barium is used to help diagnose certain disorders of the esophagus, stomach, or intestines, as it is insoluble as a sulfate.

    • Beryllium

      Is said to support the bodies processes of oxygenation and cellular nourishment. It is used in components of the analytical equipment used to analyze blood for HIV and other diseases, offering the precision and reliability that doctors and patients demand. It's classified as an alkaline earth metal, because it is shiny and slightly reactive... like a Betta fish.

    • Bismuth

      As a crystal, Bismuth is known to help people to access their spirit guides, have more energy and achieve their goals. It is the active component in Pepto-Bysmol, it is known to treat aid the stomach in relief of indigestion, bloating, excessive gaseousness, and other forms of tension and discomfort. Bismuth is also beneficial against heartburn and nausea. Energetically, it helps with feelings of overwhelm, isolation, and nervousness.

    • Boron

      Boron is an important trace mineral that has a wide array of benefits to overall health that are not commonly as known as other more familiar minerals. Boron has received the attention of athletes and body builders for its potential effects on boosting blood testosterone levels. Although the mechanism of action is not well understood it seems to have positive affects on hormone balance including supporting the natural production of estrogen in woman and can help balance out menopausal symptoms such as libido. One of the primary benefits of boron is it’s bone building support which is often overlooked for calcium which we discover is lesser of importance when a high raw vegetable and super food based diet is adopted. It works in unison for other bone building minerals such as calcium and magnesium to increase mineral absorption. Boron is also very well known for it’s anti-radiation capabilities and has often been paired with iodine for protecting against or detoxing from radiation poisoning.

    • Bromine

      Bromine has been known to have a slightly sedative and calming effect, without resulting in drowsiness. Bromine occurs naturally on the Earth’s curst and sea waters. When paired with potassium, as in the case with salts, bromine has anticonvulsant properties. It was used to calm nervousness, seizures, and nervous system disorders by hospitals on a macro scale, several tons annually. Bromine compounds are still used as over the counter remedies for headaches and other forms of mild-severe discomfort.

    • Cadmium

      Similar to Zinc, Cadmium contains energetics which may support the metabolism of all physiological pathways. The British Pharmaceutical Codex from 1907 states that cadmium iodide was used as a medication to treat enlarged joints, scrofulous glands, and chilblains.

    • Calcium

      Most likely the most misunderstood and popularized mineral of all time is calcium. It has been told to use for our entire lives that in order to get adequate calcium we need to get it from cows milk and cultural studies have shown conclusively that the populations that consume the highest amount of pasteurized processed milk also have the highest rates of arthritis and osteoporosis. This is alarming because calcium is an alkaline electrolyte mineral that is essential for bone density and the health of our teeth which are living extensions of our bone matrix. Calcium is also extremely important in the process of dissolving blood clumping such a the case in diabetic conditions. If our diet and lifestyle is too acidic then calcium storages in the bones will be leached out of our bones and brought into the blood in order to balance the PH ratio of an over acidic blood chemistry. When our blood PH becomes too acidic the body goes on red alert and must redirect alkaline minerals as a form of survival. This is why we have such an epidemic of osteoporosis, arthritis, and weakened bones among our elderly popular but also into the younger populations at large. Consuming a wide body of green leafy vegetables, alkaline green powdered super foods, Ormus products, and magnesium, silica, and vitamin K2 rich foods is very important. One last note is that it is advised to never consume isolated calcium supplements as these are chalk like end products mined out of the earth and do not absorb into our bones but build on top of our bones and get stuck into our glands such as with kidney stones, gall stones, calcification of the heart, and many other conditions.

    • Cesium

      Cesium is naturally occurring and used as medicine in both its organic, and synthetic form. Synthetic cesium is made to be radioactive. Organic cesium is used for the treatment of cancer, as it has an ability to alkalize the cancerous cells. Cancer can not grow in an alkaline state.

    • Chloride

      Chloride is essential for the body to appropriate digest foods and liquids, breaking them down into their finest elements when paired with Hydrogen. It also helps to support the liver and the lungs in detoxing the body. Chloride is a negatively charged mineral ion of chlorine, which make it powerful for neutralizing positive charged ions which normally reek havoc on the body.

    • Chromium

      Chromium is necessary for the appropriate functioning of insulin. Insulin regulates blood sugar and controls hunger cravings and satiation. By enhancing the effects of insulin, Chromium allows nutrients to be shuttled into the cells where the body can use them for energy. If the nutrients are not appropriately shuttled into the cells, they float into the blood stream and are converted into fat cells. In this way, chromium is great for remaining lean, and energetic.

    • Cobalt

      Cobalt is an essential mineral for the production of Vitamin B-12, and is critical for the production of red blood cells, which transfer oxygen throughout the body. Cobalt is also a key in the mechanisms of many enzymatic reactions taking place in the body.

    • Copper

      Copper is said to be the third most abundant trace mineral in the human body following zinc and iron. It is found in every tissue in the body but most heavily concentrated in the liver. Copper helps to manufacture melanin, which is our original hair pigment as well as improving skin tone. The mineral iron requires copper for proper transportation and absorption in the blood. Many iron deficiencies symptoms such as Anaemia could be in fact a copper deficiency at their root cause. Copper seems to be an essential mineral for the production of the thyroid hormone thyroxine as well as helping to build the myelin sheath that protect our nerves. The super-antioxidant superoxide dismutase (SOD) is an enzyme that relies on copper to activate free- radical(inflammation) protection which can take place during the normal metabolic process, especially if our immune system has been compromised in any way. According to the studies, when copper is not present in the body, SOD production is greatly reduced and inflammation becomes greater. Zinc in combination with coppe helps to influence the production of SOD. Copper also acts as a co-factor in manufacturing elastic fibers in the arteries and brain, as well as helping the structural proteins that build bone and connective-tissue.

    • Dysprosium

      Dysprosium holds the ability to resist demagnetization at high temperatures. It has an independent, philosophical aspect to it’s nature. Similar to Lanthanum, in it’s metallic form is so soft it can easily be cut with a knife.

    • Erbium

      Erbium is a Lanthanide metal and very rare Earth element. It is a very flexible earth mineral often used to provide a pinkish color to cosmetic products and jewelry. Erbium is also useful in treating sun-damaged skin, acne scars, or wrinkles with laser skin resurfacing technologies utilizing Erbium-doped fibers.

    • Europium

      If you are looking at a computer screen, you are looking at Europium… Europium is a naturally occurring earth mineral that produces the coloration used to create the pixels in your computer monitor.

    • Fluorine

      Fluoride and Fluorine are not the same thing. You may have heard about the implications of fluoride, which is two fluoride molecules bonded together. An Ormus particle is much different than a diatomic particle. When suspended in a complete solution of trace minerals fluorine has energetic benefits to the body, and does not behave like the fluoride found in toothpaste.

    • Gadolinium

      Gadolinium is a magnetic earth element that allows doctors to find and treat tumors within the body. Gadolinium forms allows when mixed with other metals, and has a very low curie point, meaning it easily transforms from being magnetic to non-magnetic with slight changes in temperature. Gadolinium in vivo would not display the same characteristics as it does in vitro.

    • Gallium

      Gallium is considered a smart medal. Gallium is a very rare mineral, but trace amounts can be found in certain coals, ash, Ormus and river beds. It is a necessary component in the production of High Speed Internet, through local area networks, and it is one of only 4 metals that can exist as a liquid at room temperature. Gallium is a beautiful silver color, has a texture similar to glass and is non-toxic.

    • Hafnium

      Hafnium was discovered in 1923 in Norway. But it’s name means Copenhagen, not because it helps people cope with stress, but because it was first studied and identified as one of the missing elements by the University of Copenhagen. It’s odd how collective bodies like to name things after themselves. But anyway, when mixed with Carbon, Hafnium has the greatest endurance to high temperatures than any other element. That is up to around 7,000 degrees Fahrenheit. So a Hafnium Carbide body suit would make fire fighters pretty much indestructible.

    • Hydrogen

      The most abundant element in the Universe, Hydrogen constitutes about 75% of the Universe’s mass. Giving energy to the proton, it is a powerful antioxidant and source for energy within the body. Hydrogen is essential for the production of Adenosine Triphosphate, and when inhaled, Hydrogen is useful at quickly recovering from acute oxidative stress. Hydrogen also aids in reversing the signs of aging as it scavenges OH molecules, making it a powerful antioxidant.

    • Holmium

      When it was discovered in Sweden, Holmium was what the chemistry culture calls, “impure”, meaning it was bonded to both, Erbium and Terbium. Synchronistical, it took 4 years for a scientist named “Cleve” to separate Ho from it’s bondage, but when the task was accomplished Ho moved on to live a great and independent life as the most magnetic element on the periodic table. Cleve was pretty proud of himself for his accomplishment with Ho, but he later found out that two scientists, Marc Delafontaine and Jacque-Louis Soret, had discovered Ho before him, and conducted all sorts of laboratory experiments with Ho. Sorry Cleve.. But still, Cleve is the only one who could separate Ho from Erbium, and that is a pretty big accomplishment. Thanks to Cleve, Ho is now used to make magnets.

    • Indium

      If Indium was a Now Alchemy product it would be called, “Clarity”, because Indium is responsible for the clear screen and touch screen features of our cellular devices. The mineral is capable of full transparency when bonded to a special fusion of tin and oxygen. By placing the Indium compound on top of the glass electricity is made able to pass through the glass. And that is how touch screens work, basically.

    • Iron

      The primary role of iron is in the development of red blood cells and maintaining oxygen transportation through our the vascular system. The number one condition of iron deficiencies is anemia(low red blood cell count) or pernicious anemia which is why many believe believe consuming heavy amounts of red meat is an effective way to maintain adequate iron levels. This is true in the sense that the blood of meat carries a form of iron in high concentrations called heme-iron (blood based iron) whereas plant based iron sources are non-heme forms. One can increase their iron levels by including high quality iron rich plant foods such as nuts, seeds, cacao nuts, organic green leafy vegetables, beet root juice or cooked beets, watermelon juice, and other foods. Meat can be used as well but should only be used as a condiment and not as a regular main course. It is important to recognize that the iron element is an oxidant in nature and it is advised to not take isolated iron supplements as they can create oxidative stress in the body and iron requires other complimentary minerals such as manganese and magnesium for proper absorption.

    • Iodine

      One of the most important trace minerals that supports all functions of the body including metabolic balance, thyroid, adrenal glands, kidneys, pancreas, lymphatic detoxification, and cardiovascular health. Natural iodine pushes out airborne pollutants and radioactive particles from the receptor sites of the thyroid gland. Iodine induces apoptosis, the spontaneous breakdown of mutated cells that proliferate into cancerous growth in the body. Iodine is a heavily researched in the field of brain development and has conclusively been shown that iodine deficiencies in new borns are the leading cause for retardation of cognitive faculties and the underdevelopment of the brain. It has also been shown that one of the leading causes for breast cancer in women is iodine deficiency.

    • Iridium

      Iridium, not coincidentally, is the rarest of all earth elements. So one may assume that Iridium would be a precious metal, like gold. But it’s extreme usefulness has caused it to be hoarded and put to work in the medical, industrial and scientific industry. Also unlike gold, Iridium is very unreactive, kind of like a lazy element. But its super strong, and is mixed with other minerals to increase their resistance to temperature change. Medically, Iridium is used to target and get rid of cancer. Yet, another reason why it’s called I(rid)ium.

    • Lanthanum

      Lanthanum is such a pure medal, that it is soft enough to be cut with a butter knife. It is used as a medical tracer to spot calcium absorption issues, Lanthum is only toxic if inhaled, yet it is the mineral used on the wicks of Flint lighters… Um, that’s weird.

    • Lithium

      Lithium is most known for it’s well documented benefits for overall brain health and cognitive support. This trace mineral, according to the studies, demonstrates positive effects on increasing a neurological process known as neurogenesis which involves the regeneration of grey matter in the brain and the creation of new brain cells. Lithium is neuron-protective meaning it can help protect against age related neurodegenerative conditions that weaken the brain and cause a host of mental decline symptoms. It has been used in many cases as a way to increase focus, memory, and attention span which also have a secondary benefit of helping with mood disorders. There are numerous other benefits lithium has on the body outside of brain health and the primary one is that it seems to influence longevity potential. It is important to note that the research on lithium is based on lithium orotate and not the pharmaceutical prescription lithium carbonate.

    • Magnesium

      Magnesium, is magic. Especially when mixed with Potassium, then it’s magiK, because the symbol for potassium is K, Magnesium is Mag for short, and the two minerals together work wonders for boosting testosterone levels. Magnesium is, perhaps, the most essential mineral for overall human health and provides more benefits that can be easily listed in a short explanation. Magnesium is the number 1 mineral and nutrient used by the human heart alongside potassium. All cases of heart disease show extreme levels of magnesium deficiency and high levels of excess calcium as the corner stone of cardiovascular complications. Magnesium is one of the main 5 electrolytes that creates an electrical charge in our body and helps us maintain better heart health, brain cognition, bone density, teeth health, and digestive wellness. Magnesium can support in a process known as peristalsis which is essential for regularity of fecal elimination as a main way the body removes fat soluble toxins from the body. In most cases ADD and ADHD issues in children and adults have been reported to be alleviated with the proper dosage of magnesium rich foods and/or supplementation. Magnesium is also essential for balancing the parasympathetic and sympathetic stress response this easing tension, impatience, moodiness, and overall stress.

    • Manganese

      Every element on the periodic table of elements has a polar complimentary opposite in which one mineral balances out the other. In the case of manganese iron is the complimentary balance and when the body is deficient in iron, such as anemia(low red blood cell count), manganese is an essential nutrient in that equation, not just iron by itself. Manganese is important for the healthy development of bones working in combination with calcium and phosphorus. This trace mineral is also known to be supportive in cases of chronic fatigue, immune system weakness, premenstrual syndrome, impaired glucose sensitivity, and can have positive effects on reproductive health.

    • Nickel

      Nickel functions as a pre-biotic in the large intestines of humans by feeding the good bacteria that reside there. Humans who cook with stainless steel consume more nickel than most, as it transports itself from the stainless steel into the food. Nickel is subtle, but powerful. It was primarily responsible for the mass extinction of life on Earth during the Permium-Triassic period after releasing itself from the Siberian Traps volcanos in massive amounts. It is found naturally in both food and water, and is nothing to worry about, and contrary to popular belief, Nickel is not a fermented cucumber product.

    • Platinum

      This element has saved thousands of lives by healing cancer. Certain medicines made from platinum have the ability to stop cells from dividing, while allowing those cells to continue growing in a healthy rate. Platinum is so attractive that it has been recovered as a burial item for thousands of years, along with gold. It was found in Egyptian tombs as far back as 700BCE, and it’s name means “little silver”. Platinum’s electrical conductivity, corrosion and heat resistance, ductility, biocompatibility, and antineoplastic potential make platinum one of the most useful materials in medical technology and pharmacology. Platinum is highly attractive and compatible with other elements, giving it energetic qualities of acceptance and affinity.

    • Phosphorus

      Phosphorus is the primary bone building mineral as 85% of our bone matrix, including our teeth, consist of phosphorus. This mineral is heavily abundant in nuts, seeds, and meats which make it a necessary acidic mineral to counter balance other alkaline bone building minerals such as calcium, magnesium, silica, and manganese. One of the reasons raw chocolate or cacao eaters tend to sustain very good teeth is because of the high amounts of both phosphorus and magnesium in cacao/chocolate. The body also uses phosphorus for a variation of metabolic needs such as manufacturing proteins, processing carbohydrates and fats, as well as assisting the cells to better make ATP for energy production. It is important to balance phosphorus out with high alkaline foods rich in alkaline minerals, especially magnesium and potassium to balance out the overloaded amount of phosphorus we received from the acid based standard American diet.

    • Potassium

      Potassium is one of the most important minerals for overall health and is the 2nd primary mineral used by the cardiovascular system in combination with magnesium. Potassium is important for the balance of alkalinity and acidity in the body helping us maintain balanced blood chemistry and not becoming overly acidic. One of the reasons people have so much success in health reversals of various issues on a dominantly raw plant food diet is because fruits and vegetables are extremely high in potassium. Potassium is one of the 5 primary electrolytes and supports nervous system health as well as aids in various dimensions such as reducing stress and anxiety, high blood pressure, kidney disorders, and vasodilation (blood flow).

    • Selenium

      Selenium is a potent antioxidant and supports in immune system health. It is suggested by many studies that the human immune system requires selenium for the development of our white blood cells which defend against infections and illness. Selenium seems to protect the cells from free-radical damage from a deficient diet and environmental toxins. Selenium plays a role in the production of proteins that are involved in healthy sperm. Male infertility has been associated in part with low selenium levels as well as other vital elements such as zinc. It has been established that activities such as smoking, excessive alcohol, and taking birth control pills can reduce the availability of selenium in the blood. According to the research selenium is cancer protective and selenium deficiency can leave someone more open to health issues including cancer and other immune system compromised conditions.

    • Silicon

      Silicon or Silica is most widely known for it’s effects on enhancing beautifying qualities such as the rejuvenation of our skin, hair and nails. The collagen and elastin proteins that create the connective-tissue-formation contain high amounts of silica. Silicon(silica) is an alchemical mineral that possesses the ability to rearrange mineral content in our bones, tissues, and the walls of our arteries. This is known as the process of biological transmutation where certain minerals such as calcium can be transmuted or converted into other minerals such as magnesium or silica as the body needs them. Silica has a profound effect on brain health and is a key ingredient in activating what is known as the third eye or in physiological terms our pineal gland which secretes neurotransmitters such as melatonin and DMT. There is convincing research that indicates that silica supports is removing toxins such as heavy metals that can make their way past the blood brain barrier and can offset the effects of neurotoxins such as fluoride that deactivate the pineal gland or third eye. Silica is also important for the health of our joints, ligaments, and overall motor function from the numero-muscular systems of the body.

    • Silver

      Silver is the most thermal-conductive(heat transferable) mineral and is said to be the highest electrical conduit of any known element. Ionic silver is anti-pathogenic and helps to eliminate many forms of bacteria, fungal infections, and viruses. The potent germicidal effects of silver can defend against microbial production making it orally protective. Silver is the original natural antibiotic. In World War I silver was used to prevent the onset of dangerous infections. This was as era prior to the invention of conventional pharmaceutical antibiotics. Silver coins were once placed in milk bottles to further the freshness of the milk and eliminate bacteria growth. The people of ancient Rome and Greece both used silver for several purposes, such as the treatment of deep wounds and skin burns. It was also used to disinfect water and food for long term storage. If the immune system has been compromised then regions of the body will be extremely vulnerable to bacterial infections. Ionic silver can aid this by creating a secondary immune system to support the regions of the body that our primary defense shield may not detect. It is rumored that the introduction of silver utensils began with the intent from Europeans to infuse silver particles with their food as a way to improve their health. These particular Europeans were known as the “blue-bloods”

    • Zinc

      Zinc is a master trace mineral the body requires for overall metabolic function, brain development, and hormonal health. Zinc is anti-pathogenic and has been shown to be effective in protecting against certain types of fungal and bacterial infections. Zinc is especially protective of the oral environment being anti-gingivitis which indicates that it is important for oral hygiene and teeth health. Zinc is a potent antioxidant that protects against, and seeks out free-radicals in the body making it anti-inflammatory. The immune system requires adequate zinc for immunological protection. It has been studied in relation to hormones and determined to be an aromatase inhibitor inhibiting the conversion of growth hormones such as testosterone and progesterone into break down metabolites of estrogen leading to estrogen dominance. It is also extremely prostate protective and a key molecule for developing healthy forms of testosterone in men.

    • Niobium

      When cooled, Nobium has special electro-qualities, making it a superconductor. When electricity runs over it, beautiful rainbow like color spectrums appear in response to the varying frequency interactions with it’s surface. Nobium is also used to make jewelry, and when that is the case it is pronounced no(buy)em, instead of no(be)em. Joking, of course. Nobium was named after the Greek Goddess of Tears, Niobe, because it’s really been through a lot. As a refractory element, it has one of the highest resistances to heat and wear. The stoic Niobium is one of the tougher, and high vibration of all the elements.

    • Osmium

      Osmium is one of our platinum group elements! It has a head strong presence, as one of the desnsist elements in the world. Within the platinum group, osmium has the highest melting point and the lowest vapor pressure. So, it’s like the Hulk of the element world.

    • Palladium

      Palladium is not just a really awesome theater in Hollywood, it’s also a primary transportation tool used by the body to increase the uptake of Lipoic Acid into the cells. Lipoic Acid is an anti-oxidant that helps to prevent damage to the cells, so indirectly Palladium has an intelligence that can help to preserve youthfulness. Palladium is also used to convert harmful gasses, such as carbon monoxide, to less harmful gasses, such as carbon dioxide, in automobiles.. Fun fact.

    • Molybdenum

      As a cofactor, Molybdenum acts as a catalyst to enzymatic reactions. So, molybdenum is basically an energy shot for your enzymes. Some of the main bodily functions utilizing Molybdenum for energy are the metabolism and protein synthesis. Molybdenum deficiency could result in headaches, seizures, visual changes, and neurological disorders.

    • Neodymium

      If there was every a mineral who got lost in the matrix, it was (Neo)dynium. Neodymium is used inn light bulbs to give a more natural appearance, like sunlight. Fused with crystals, Neodynium creates a green light, the color of the heart chakra, and is medically used as a laser pointer for eye surgery, cosmetic surgery and cancer treatments.

    • Lutetium

      Lutetium as potential benefits as a therapeutic nucleotide. It is also a super powerful catalyst, and can be used as a fire during alchemical transformations. Similar to gold, as a catalyst, Lutenium has the ability to accelerate the rate of biomechanisms, without going through any changes itself.

    • Vanadium

      This trace mineral has been found to be extremely effective in treating those with pre-diabetes, diabetes and insulin sensitivities. It supports with the absorption of blood sugar transportation into the muscular system as well as reducing elevated cholesterol levels. Vanadium has also been studied in the use of heart disease, tuberculosis, high blood pressure, obesity, anemia, and reducing water retention called edema. It is also been used as a way to support athletic performance and weight training due to all of the physical health benefits listed above.


    Set a positive affirmation(I am statement), then take one full shot internally prior to any activity that you'd like more awareness for. Use as needed. Your sensitivity to the benefits will increase with prolonged use. (12 Servings)




    It is recommended to store Ormus C-60 away from heat, heavy EMF fields, and in a sacred place. Ormus C-60 loves positive energy. Refrigeration is not necessary as Ormus C-60 does not expire.

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